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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

PK Wednesday

I got a card today and it's a great card as in it's something I don't get to add to often. If you're a Sox fan (and maybe if you're not) you know who it is just by the PK in the title.

I don't think his cards get listed very often on ebay. In my eyes, he's one of the greatest lesser known players of the game. That showed all the time on the field when they would choose to pitch to him in occasions when they should have walked him. He usually made them pay for that. This card is my 448th of Paulie, it's a nice dual colored jersey swatch and it's numbered to /25 so it was a pleasant surprise to win this for $3/shipped.


  1. A one month 'til Christmas card! I must admit when I saw the title I thought "Penalty Kicks".

  2. Never understood why his autographs sell for so little. I've picked up a few for $3 or less. It just doesn't make sense.