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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Random 60's Vintage

* I put my April incoming on random for today's post.

You already saw the Vintage post from the 50's, today's random puts us a decade later.

I'll start with the lone 1969. This is my 48th card of that set. I have a few of these leader cards, they are generally much cheaper for some big names.

Two pretty good names for the 1968 set. The 2nd Bob Gibson of this post already. So far no Yankees either unlike the 50's post. These 2 cards make 40 on the 1968 set.

My lone 1966 card and it's a Mickey Mantle, sorta. I certainly don't mind checklist, especially when they are part of the set. I prefer the ones like these that do have something to collect on them as well. This is the 34th card in my collection of this set.

Also one card from 1965 and another leader card where you get 3 pretty good players. This is only my 25th card from the mid 60's set.

We had a couple of Yankees up there but like the 50's post, there's a bunch more coming. This 1963 gives me 14 cards, a long way to go.

With 1 less card at 13, this original wood board card, and another Yankee. A rookie at that.

And 2 more Yankees but those are some big name Yankees, and being vintage instead of the millions of reprints just make it cooler. These 2 1961's give me 20 for the set.

Another White Ford and even older, I'll take it. This Whitey Ford gives me 42 cards from 1960. I remember buying a bunch of White Sox from 1960 which is why I have more from that set than the others. Out of those 42, 27 are from the White Sox.

All of the above cards came from Sluggo, who should be on his way to Indiana as we speak, with another box of cards.


  1. Awesome stuff. Especially fond of the 1960 Whitey Ford. That's such a great looking card.

  2. You sure have been picking up some great cards, the '68 Gibson AS is tops for me.