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Monday, June 19, 2017

Playing catch up

It was Father's Day weekend which means we did our annual Father's Day camping trip. We leave Friday after work and come back on Monday afternoon which means all these cards below came in that time frame. Don't worry, it isn't as many as it sounds.

I picked up 1 card for the vintage collection and it came to me for $.23/shipped. It is my 143rd card of the 1978 set and my 225th card picked up for the Vintage Collection this year.

I also picked up this 2017 Bowman for the White Sox Collection. This is the first card from that team set that I've gotten so far. This is my 187th Sox collection pick-up this year. I picked this up for $.23/shipped.

I manage to add another Gary Carter to the collection and I feel like this isn't the easiest card to find. I don't know how many traded cards that Score released but I don't run across them a lot. This is my 106th card of the Kid and it is my 6th card picked up this year for that collection.

I managed another Devin Funchess card as well. Ever since his Super Bowl appearance, his cards get listed a lot more. This is my 19th card for the Funchess Collection and only my 2nd card of his picked up this year. I grabbed it for $.25/shipped.

Last but not least, I get to add this Barry Larkin from Ebay for free. How for free you ask? Well, I won it, paid for it (I don't remember how much), and after it hit it's 30 days since it was purchased and I didn't have it, I sent a note to the seller and told him I'd rather have the card then a refund when the form asked. He replied with a refund and sent me a note that he had other ones and he would ship it out. I told him I was more than happy to pay for it and didn't mind waiting but he told me to keep it and sent it out anyways. I don't pay much for these cards and I know how the USPS can be so I don't ever fret much when they don't come, that's why I wait 30 days before I even say anything. I purchase from him regularly as well so he could have held it until I won something else but he still sent it. So either he thinks I'm a dick or he thought I was going to be one. Either way, I got it free. It's my 134th card of Barry and my 14th card of his picked up this year.

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