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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A 9 card day

I got 3 envelopes today but 9 cards total. 2 envelopes with 1 card and 1 envelope with 7 cards. It would be nice if the post office could space this stuff out and just bring 1 envelope a day but you know, it's the government.

These 2 1980 Topps were in 2 different envelopes but they went together for the post. The checklist came in a single card envelope and I got it for $.20/shipped. The Al Bumbry card came in the envelope with 7 cards but it was the only Vintage collection in the bunch. I got it for $.23/shipped. Both of these cards put that set at 158 cards and 216 cards for the Vintage collection this year.

All 4 of these came in the 7 card envelope. I pick up Ripken's on the cheap all the time. I assume because of the era he played, there are a ton of his cards out there. I picked up the top 2 for $.17/shipped and $.20/shipped and the bottom 2 for $.17/shipped and $.06/shipped. These 4 cards put the Ripken Collection at 333 cards and also makes 23 cards picked up for that collection this year.

I grabbed this one for only $.15/shipped. I've bid on this one a bunch of times but it always went over a quarter so I was happy to finally land it. I did manage to land the paper white version awhile back for just over a quarter before I lowered my max bid. This is my 86th card for the Steve Carlton collection and my 6th pick-up this year.

I love these box bottoms because I remember always asking the local drug store if I could have the box, most of the people behind the counter would just give them to me. I picked this one up for $.25/shipped. This is my 104th card for the Schmidt Collection and my 8th pick-up this year.

This was in the other single card envelope. I'm always happy to add to my largest player collection because I don't get to do it as often as I would like. I paid $.25/shipped for this UD Reflections card. It is my 420th card in the Konerko collection and my 10th card picked up this year. It's also my 186th card for the White Sox collection.

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