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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

A relic EXPOSed

Sluggo and I headed out and drove an hour into New Buffalo to visit the Baseball Card Shop at MoCo, then we drove out to the Baseball Card Exchange in Schererville which was another hour away. I picked up 15 cards or so, tomorrow morning, before Thanksgiving lunch, I'm hoping to add them to the posts ready to go.

I actually had to skip what was for today's post because I bought a card that goes in what today's was so I'll post it tomorrow so I can add that card to the scans.

Today's new post, however, is still a Tier 3 collection.

I picked up these 2 on Sportlots, they were fill ins that I've mentioned before. You know I love that stamp, it's double good because he's in his Expos uniform.

I picked up these 4 at my LCS a month or so ago. They were all in the dime boxes so it was easy to cough up $.40 for those.

Last but not least, I picked up this relic from Sluggo and once again, he's in his Expos uniform. It's my 3rd relic of him.

These 7 cards give me exactly 150 cards of the Kid.

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  1. Sweet Spot Classics was a great set all the way around. And I'm not big on relics, but the ones from this set still look good, certainly better than any of the ones being produced today.


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