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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Dime Box Cal's

Michigan finally got that monkey off their back. I was really calm during the game which is rare, I think after the last decade, I was expecting them to come back so I didn't get really excited until it was won. It was nice, because usually I'm stressed out about it. Next week, we got Iowa in our first Big Ten Championship game. If we play like we did yesterday, they won't be an issue. We just have to make sure the right team shows up.

Today, we get a HOFer who is in my Tier 3 collections. I have a lot more of his in my Sportlots box that I'll probably ship before Christmas, that'll give me some cards to work with during break.

I picked up these 4 at my LCS a month ago, they were all in a dime box so I can't go wrong with those. They are all, more or less, oddballs to a sort.

These 4 came from Sportlots in my last shipment. They were fill ins I picked up from the sellers I was already buying from. The cards in my box now are older cards as I haven't worked my way up to these new of cards yet.

These 8 cards put the Ripken collection at 667 cards which is my 3rd highest PC.

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  1. I never saw any until just the last couple of years, but now that I have, I'm really enjoying all of the different sports and non-sports playing cards from the early 90's. They're just fun in general, and if you keep your cards in binders, they really stand out when flipping through the pages.


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