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Monday, November 24, 2014

Cheap pick-ups, 2 weeks ago

Since I haven’t posted in awhile, let’s get caught up.  Here are the cards that got delivered 2 weeks ago.


2000 Topps Tools of Success

Johnny Bench collection.


note – This is my 29th card of the Bench collection and the 19th of his post career cards.


1992 Fleer Ultra

Carlton Fisk collection


note - This is my 90th card of the Fisk collection and the 76th card from his playing days.


2014 Topps Finest

Taylor Lewan collection


note – This is only my 2nd card of Lewan’s PC.


top left – 1991 Donruss


top right – 1996 Leaf Preferred


bottom left – 1985 Topps


bottom right – 1992 Post


Cal Ripken jr collection

note – These are the 123rd thru 127th cards of the Ripken collection and makes 108 cards from his playing days.


2014 Topps Update

Chris Sale collection


note – This is the 66th card of the Sale collection.


1987 Donruss

Vintage collection


note – This was actually a filler for one of the above cards.  This is the 57th card from the 1987 Donruss set.


1983 Donruss

left to right – $.20, $.21, $.21 and $.21

White Sox team sets

note – I still need 21 cards for this team set.

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