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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Last Weeks pick-ups

Technically this is almost 2 weeks ago too because I hadn’t posted it earlier in the week like I had planned.


1987 Topps Kmart 25th Anniversary

Johnny Bench collection


  • This card is the 30th card of Johnny Bench.
  • This card is the 21st post career card.

*note - He spent his whole career with the Cincinnati Reds.


1973 Topps ERA leaders

Steve Carlton collection.


  • This card is my 29th of Steve Carlton.
  • This card is tied with another 1973 for my oldest card of his.
  • This card is also my 22nd of him with the Philadelphia Phillies.
  • This card is my 23rd card from his playing days.

*note - I got this with a bunch of other 1973 Topps cards from my cousin Sluggo.  He purchased a bunch for his set and sent me his dupes for my set (see below) and this was in there but since I fill my player collections first, it goes here.


1992 Upper Deck

Gary Carter collection 


*note – I got this card and the following card from the same seller.


1990 Upper Deck

Barry Larkin collection


  • This card is my 39th of Barry Larkin.
  • This card is my 36th from his playing days.

*note – He played for the Cincinnati Reds his whole career.


1997 Circa (checklist)

Cal Ripken collection


  • This card is my 127th of Cal Ripken jr.
  • This card is my 108th from his playing days.

*note – Cal spent his whole career with the Baltimore Orioles.


1978 Topps

Carl Yastrzemski collection


  • This card is my 14th of Carl Yastrzemski.
  • This card is my 7th from his playing career.

*note – He played his whole career with the Boston Red Sox.


1982 Topps (victory leaders)

Vintage collection


  • This card is my 46th of the 1982 Topps.
  • This card puts me at 5.81% for the set.

*note – I actually picked this up for the Tom Seaver collection. I made the mistake of not checking my list before I purchased it. It didn’t look familiar, so I didn’t bother checking it.


1954 Topps

Vintage collection


  • This is my first card from the 1954 Topps set.
  • This card puts me at .40% for the 1954 set.

*note – I got this free from a contest held at “$30 a week habit”. I was shocked and extremely happy to win it. Thanks Robert.


1973 Topps

Vintage collection


  • These cards put me at 421 cards for the 1973 set.
  • These cards put me at 63.79% for the set.

*note – These are the cards I mentioned above from Sluggo.  He’s my cousin and sends me cards (usually White Sox) all the time.  He does shows and buys out collections from people so he comes across cards all the time.  Luckily for me, he’s generous enough to give them to me, pretty much free.  I send him what little I have that aren’t part of my collection and all my penny sleeves and top loaders because I don’t use them and he still just keeps sending me cards and I’m not going to complain.

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