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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

New Additions - Vintage Collection (1982-1985)

*For those new to the blog, all purchases were made on Ebay (unless otherwise noted) and all were under $.50/shipped.

I'm listing Ebay stuff but also I got a package from Bru over at Remember the Astrodome so you'll see assorted stuff from him as well. He was originally going to hook me up with some 1984 Topps (which he did) but he ended up sending a bunch more vintage as well as some White Sox needs. I'll be randomizing the posts like I did the last bunch.

True to form, Bru sent me a whole bunch of Houston Astros for the vintage collection and you can also see the huge stack of 1984 Topps he sent me. Those were what he had originally contacted me about saying he had some for me, everything else was a surprise. The 1984 Topps cards he sent boosted that set over the quarter mark at 26%.

Both of these were accidents for the Vintage collection. I purchased the first card for the Mike Schmidt collection and realized I already had it. To make matters worse, I purchased the 2nd card for the White Sox collection not realizing that I had just one it a few days prior to this one ending.

In case you're interested, the reason I pretty much always post pics of single cards is because of these 2 blogs that I use to store my cards. My Personal Collections (now with over 2300 cards) and My Baseball Card Obsession (now with over 2500 cards and almost 900 different card labels).

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