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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Random Cards

I got some time to throw out a random post. I've been filling my time trying to log in all the cards I got from my cousin. He bought a bunch of cards from some lady and sold all the 1987 and older cards to me at a penny a card. We rounded down to an even $30 so as you can see, I have a bunch of cards to get logged in. I got them all into years and manufacturers to make the logging in easier. The only set I've logged in so far is the 1982 Donruss set, the cards he sent me took that all the way to a 63%. It started at less than 10% (I don't remember what it was). I'm working on the 1986 Donruss set right now but I'm only 160 or so cards in.

Let's get to the random cards.

Collection - Vintage
Card - 1987 Topps
Player - Dave Stieb
Team - Toronto Blue Jays
Acquired - Trade
From - Sluggo
When - Feburary, 2016


Collection - Vintage
Card - 1981 Topps
Player - Darrell Jackson
Team - Minnesota Twins
Acquired - Trade
When - January, 2012

Collection - Vintage
Card - 1970 Topps
Player - Cesar Gutierrez
Team - Detroit Tigers
Acquired - Trade
From - 2x3 Heroes
When - June, 2016

Collection - Denard Robinson, Michigan
Card - 2015 Panini Michigan Wolverines Collection
Player - Denard Robinson
Team - Michigan Wolverines
Acquired - Trade
When - December, 2015


Collection - Vintage
Card - 1973 Topps
Player - Ed Goodson
Team - San Francisco Giants
Acquired - Purchased
Price - $.31
When - April, 2012

Once again, mostly Vintage Collection cards. Random.org doesn't like my player collection or even my White Sox collection cards apparently.


  1. Your 70's cards look to be in really nice shape, especially that 1970 Cesar Gutierrez. I'm amazed at your organization skills; for all the lists and spreadsheets I've made over my life - nearly all of which were sports related (except when I had to do them for work) - I have never itemized my entire collection. I just assumed it was too big of a project. But man would it be cool to know exactly where I got every card and how it was acquired/how much I paid. That's impressive work Jeff!

    1. I've collected 3 times in my life, the first 2 times I got rid of all my cards when I stopped. This 3rd time, I started blogging at the same time and I just started logging all my cards in but since I blogged about them, I have a reference for a lot of my cards which is how I have good organization. The sad thing is, I'm a very LONG way from ever finishing even though I haven't really bought much in the last few months.

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