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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Coming soon

Welcome to another round of, what cards did you get? In this round I got a pretty big stack of cards, which is pretty amazing considering I haven't bought off Ebay in over a month. What I did receive is 2 packages from my cousin, which isn't entirely unexpected, but I also got 3 other packages from bloggers who said it was cool if I didn't send a return package. You have to love this blogging card community of ours.

For those that are new here, I don't have any cards to trade with which is the reason I don't trade. I've gotten rid of everything that isn't a part of my collection and only by singles that belong in them. I had 3 bloggers contact me about trading but when I told them I couldn't trade because I had nothing to send, 2 of them said, it's cool, send me your address and I'll send them to a good home. Those people are awesome. Other than those 2 bloggers, a 3rd blogger (friend) also sent me a package that he does every so often because he's awesome too. Before I get started posting cards, let see where all these cards came from and who those generous bloggers are.

I haven't bought anything from there in awhile but I did receive some cards from them after I started my last round. I got 14 cards to show from the bay.

This is actually a barber shop but he had a sign saying he had some cards for sale so I stopped in. He had quite a bit of vintage but he used a Beckett to price everything so there wasn't a whole lot I was going to get for a good price but he did make me a deal on a few cards, 12 cards to be exact.

That's not an actual logo or anything, I googled Sluggo and found it. Sluggo would be my cousin who buys and sells at card shows in his local area. He usually sets aside cards for me and ships them off my way every so often. I picked up 1 card while I was in his neck of the woods a month ago, plus, he sent me 2 packages, mostly vintage. 91 cards in total.

Tom from "the Angels, in order" was one of the 2 guys who sent me a package after I told him I couldn't recipricate. He mainly sent me cards for one of my player collections but also threw in some White Sox cards as well. Tom sent me 30 cards.

Kyle from "Nolan's Dugout" was the other generous blogger who sent me cards. He contacted me saying that he had some White Sox needs. He sent me over 49 White Sox needs and even finished a couple of team sets for me.

Dennis from "Too Many Verlanders" and "Too Many Manninghams" also sent me a big package. Dennis has always been a big supporter here, even though he hates the White Sox. Of course, it could be part of his love for Michigan since he always sends me great stuff for that collection. Dennis sent over a bunch of cards, including a bunch of above average sized cards. Including a 22 card set of oversized cards. In total, probably around 45 cards, but I didn't scan the whole set.

So as you can see, I have plenty of cards to show. They are all scanned and ready, now all I have to do is make a list of each post so I'll be ready to randomize them when I get started this week.

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  1. That is the best part about Dennis - he can hate on the Sox all he wants when he sends us cool stuff.

    Which reminds me - I gotta drop some cards on that boy.