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Sunday, August 30, 2015

New Additions - Vintage Collection 1973-1974

This round of cards have all been randomized, let's get to today's cards.

Apparenty Random.org doesn't want me to show you guys any player collections, this is the 4th straight non-player collection post. Today we are looking at the Vintage Collection additions from 1973 and 1974.

I mentioned that Doug had a bunch of vintage, what I didn't mention was that he was closing soon when I got there so the only thing I really looked at my lists to pick up were 1973, 1981 and any White Sox vintage. I did manage to grab these 2 which now puts my 1973 Topps set at 64.39% completed.

I also mentioned before that my cousin was trying to complete the 1974 set now that he's completed the 1973 set so he sends any dupes from that set my way as well. These 10 cards put the 1974 Topps set at 22.28% completed. He's quickly bumped this one up to 151 cards.

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