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Sunday, December 6, 2015

New Additions - Vintage Collection (1960-1966)

I have randomed them and let's see what we got (unless you peeked at the title.) Sorry if a few are blurry, I didn't realize it when I edited them and I wasn't going to go back, find the cards and take new photos.

Vintage Collection (1960-1966)

2 by 3 Heroes

Jeff sent me this card, probably for the White Sox collection but I actually already had it but that's just fine because it goes right over here with the Vintage Collection.

Yes, that many cards came from the card show. Which means they all came from dime boxes. Those aren't even all of the 60's I got, I had to seperate the 67's thru 69's into another post. Here's the percentages completed on the above sets - 1960 (8 cards, 1.4%), 1961 (6 cards, 1.02%), 1962 (1 card, .17%), 1964 (5 cards, .85%), 1965 (5 cards, .84%) and 1966 (14 cards, 3.78%)

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