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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Newest Additions - Vintage collection (1985)

I have randomed them and let's see what we got (unless you peeked at the title.) Sorry if a few are blurry, I didn't realize it when I edited them and I wasn't going to go back, find the cards and take new photos.

Vintage Collection (1985)

2 by 3 Heroes

These 2 Donruss put me at only 28 cards for 4.2% completed.

This Fleer card put that set at 26 cards for 3.94% completed.

These 7 cards put the Topps set at 154 cards or 19.44% completed. A little better than the Fleer and Donruss. This was a lot like growing up. Three times the amount of Topps as Fleer or Donruss.

Jeff was awesome enough to hit all 3 of the sets from 1985.

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  1. Love the David Green card. Dude runs an awesome dog kennel in St. Louis now.