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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Card show pick-ups

Well, I guess since my internet is down, I’m guessing my modem is shot because everything else I’ve done, didn’t work.  I’m blaming my wife though, she was screwing around with the wifi, trying to change the password because our oldest daughter is grounded from her phone and internet.  Don’t even get me started there.  Have to change the password just because there is so many ways for her to connect to the internet anymore.  Comcast is coming tomorrow, so this will post then I guess.

*UPDATE – Had to replace my modem and my router.  Not sure how they both went out at once but they did.

I hit a card show last Sunday.  I’ve said the card shows around here are few and far in between and usually not very big.  I didn’t have a lot of cash so I was just planning on hitting a few cheap boxes and boost my White Sox cards.  Nothing special, basically just getting out of the house and spending some time with cards because I haven’t had the opportunity to do so in the past few months.

The first box I hit was $.10 or 11/$1.  First I hit these.


I was thinking I didn’t have any ‘81 Fleer so I grabbed them all.  Turns out I had 3 of them, oh well.  Since I had 13 and went ahead and grabbed another 9 Sox cards for the even $2.  They were just some assorted Sox, I think 1 Frank Thomas but most were 90’s stuff.  I didn’t bother scanning them.


I picked these up at the same table 4/$1.  He had some player boxes that I scanned real quick and saw Carlton Fisk so I grabbed a few.

The next table had a huge box from 1973-1976 for $.25.  I was pumped to see those and went through every card.  And all I got were these 3 cards.


I only had a few cards from 1973 and 1974 so I was hoping to get a bunch when I saw the box, I found 6 cards from 1973 but I already had 3 of them.  And then didn’t find anything in the 1974-1976.  That kind of sucked.  I have quite a few Sox from 1975 and maybe 5 or 6 from 1976 so I was hoping to booster those years and only came up with the above 3.

Also at the same table, he had player boxes as well.  But they were $1 a card.  I went through the Tom Seaver cards and pulled these.


I tried grabbing harder to find cards that way the $1 a card was worth it.  I ended up offering the $5 for these and asked to throw in the 1973 cards and he did.  So I spent a total of $8 and got 34 cards for my personal collections.  Not a bad day.  I didn’t get through all of the mall to see if there were more tables as the teenage girls and my wife were ready to go get something to eat.  But at least I got a few cards.  It was just nice getting out and browsing cards.  I don’t get to do that much because my LCS’s don’t have cheap boxes and most of my cards come from blasters and rack packs at Walmart.

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