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Monday, October 3, 2011

Trade with Blue Batting Helmet

I haven’t been around much, I know.  I have still been reading all your blogs, especially “Night Owl’s” to find out what his next set blog is going to be.  But I just haven’t been in a great mood to post about cards.  Partly because of my financial situation limiting me from purchasing new cards.  Which should be getting better in a month or so.  And partly because I had been working on my Google document lists, which, for the most part, are finished.  I got all the Sox cards listed finally.  So now all I have left is to add the duplicate Sox cards to the available for trade page.  I have also updated my collection numbers to the right there.  So those are now accurate.  Too see my collections or trade page check out the pages box at the bottom right.

Rob from “Blue Batting Helmet” blog contacted me about the few Cubs cards I had for a trade.  I had just started reading his blog a few weeks before he contacted me and was enjoying it.  He does do baseball card posts, and mostly baseball posts with other mixed in there as well.  It’s a nice mix of posts and very well written.  Kinda makes my blog look like crap, but hey, your reading it aren’t you?  Maybe not now.  Anyways, I had scanned these awhile ago and for some reason, I never noticed that I hadn’t posted them yet.  So here they are, finally.


Here are just a few of the White Sox cards from the stack he sent.  You all know how much I like the vintage look-a-likes.  The 1987 Topps Steve Carlton I had in my Diamond Giveaway so I don’t have to pay to get it shipped now, which is great because the shipping is a tad ridiculous on that site.  The 1982 Donruss I threw in there because I don’t have very many of those yet.  Rob had mentioned the 2 cards on top when talking about the trade, they are pretty cool especially since I like the movie “Eight Men Out.”  These cards show the actors portraying the players from the 1919 Black Sox Scandel in the movie.  One of my favorite baseball movies, along with “*61” about the Maris and Mantle HR chase.  I hope to come across more of those in the future, like I said, I like them.


These are the 3 cards he sent for my player collections.  I thought I had the Paul Konerko but it was a different year that I was thinking of.  I like the gold edges on this one.  The 2 Dave Dravecky’s were the first 2 of my DD collection.  So a big thanks to Rob for those.  I have a couple of his cards on my diamond giveaway site as well but I didn’t have these 2 yet.

So a big shout out to Rob for the great trade.  Be sure to check him out at “Blue Batting Helmet.”  He roots for the wrong Chicago team but he’s still a pretty cool guy.

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  1. Thanks for the trade and the kind words, Jeff. Both are appreciated. And I agree with you about the Topps shipping, too.