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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Training the family

I’m starting to get my family trained, finally.  My wife went to Wally World and came back with a pack of cards for me.  She must have been jealous that my son brought me a pack home a few weeks ago.  It’s always nice when people think about you, and even better when that results in a pack of cards for me.  She picked up a pack of Topps series II


No White Sox.  But I know some don’t like the sideways cards because they don’t look right in binders, but mine aren’t in binders so I like them.  the photos are usually just better on them.  Here are the inserts.


Babe Ruth – Kimball (nice), Tigers gold (better than a Yankee’s gold, I guess), and as many Topps packs that I’ve bought this is my first blue diamond, or any diamond if there are other colors.  And Felix Hernandez isn’t a bad pick to start with.  I didn’t buy a lot of series II but a bunch of series I so maybe the diamond cards are only series II.  I haven’t taken the time to look, but that would explain the lack of these cards in all the series I packs I bought.

Big thanks to my baby, she rocks!!!  But I hope she realizes, that now I expect this all the time.

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  1. The blue diamonds are only in Walmart packs. There are red ones that you have a chance of getting at Target. Not all packs have them, the packs that do have a black stripe across the top. Can't remember what it says exactly though.