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Monday, November 4, 2013

Cheaper Than Stamps #2

I’ve gotten some more cards in the mail from Ebay.  One of the newest collections that I’ve started is the Michael Jordan collection which when I started it, I was going to only collect him in Chicago White Sox uniforms.  When I started searching his cards and seeing all the MJ cards with the Chicago Bulls, I decided that I would collect all his cards because I was a huge Bulls fan when he played as well.  Besides, it’s not like I expect to ever have all his cards and with what I’m picking up now, I’m getting them cheap.  Let’s take a look.
2003 Upper Deck Magazine #UD8 & 1998 Sports Weekly Promo #23
They aren’t cards from packs but they are cards.  I picked them both up from the same seller so at least he made a little bit of money because he was able to ship them in the same package.  But I did only pay $.25 a piece for them so his profit was only $.03 not including the price of the envelope.

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