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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cheaper Than Stamps #3

I’ve been amazed at the Cal Ripken jr cards that I’ve picked up on the cheap.  So many, so quick, that I picked up duplicates without realizing it.  I thought I’d be able to pick up some guys like Mark Buehrle, Joe Crede, Chris Getz or even some Ryan Zimmerman cheap but it seems like I’m getting hall of famers instead.  Of course, it’s probably because they have cards in the junk wax era.  Let’s take a look.


1990 Topps (record breaker) #8

Like I said, junk wax era.  But then again, I only paid $.10 so I can’t complain.


1992 Donruss (All-Star) #22

I paid more than the first card, but still only $.19 so again, no complaints here.

1995 Star Cal Ripken 80 #77 & 1991 Donruss (All-Star) #52

These actually came in a 5 card lot that I won’t for $.54 so I though I was getting a great deal but come to find out, the other 3 cards I got in other lots that I won.  But minus the 3 cards, I still only paid $.27 each.

1988 Donruss (Ripken baseball family) #625 & 1988 Donruss #171

This was originally a 3 card lot, but again, I had won the other 1 in another lot.  The 2 cards above I won duplicates of in other lots.  I didn’t do a very good job of checking the cards before I started bidding but once again, I got the whole lot for $.54.  So even minus the duplicate, I still only paid $.27 each, that’s a lot for some 1988 Donruss but not bad for a 3 card lot.


2010 Topps t206 #84 & 1995 Star Cal Ripken 80 #43
1987 M&M’s #13 & 1990 Donruss MVP #BC-18

This was a 6 card lot, it was supposed to be all Ripken’s but somehow he put an Andruw Jones card mixed in.  It was even in the photo on ebay and I still didn’t catch it.  The other one was a duplicate I won in another lot, I know, again.  But I won the lot of 6 for $.71 so even cutting it down to 4, I still got each card at just under $.18 each.

1992 Score Proctor & Gamble #5, 1989 Donruss MVP #BC-15 & 1989 Topps #250
1988 Donruss (team leaders) #51, 1994 Diamond Sports Memorabilia #23 & 1990 Topps All-Star Glossy #16
This 6 card lot, the original purchased lot I got for a great price as well.  I got all 6 of these cards for $.71 which is just under $.12 each.
So for this post, I got 16 Hall of Famer Cal Ripken cards for an average of at $.17 each, granted some are junk wax but still.  I’ve boosted my Cal Ripken collection by 16 cards by spending less than $3.

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