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Friday, November 8, 2013


With the coaxing of Jeff from “2 by 3 heroes” I picked up a couple of those repack packages from Target.  He sent me a bunch of cards for my Vintage collection that he said he picked up in some repack packages.  I don’t know if I bought the same ones he did because I didn’t get as old of cards as he did but I did still get cards for my collections.  The ones I got were 100 cards for $3.99.  Let’s check out what I got for the Vintage collection first.


Only my 2nd 1981 Fleer.  If I had to guess, the first one came from Jeff.


My first 1982 Fleer.  I so love seeing these sets from my childhood again.


I got 3 cards from the 1983 Topps set.  I actually have 26 from this set but I’m still a long way from this set.


Here’s where I hit the jackpot, I got 13 cards from the 1984 Topps.  That gives me an even 50 for that set.


2 cards from the 1985 set giving me 36 for the set.  Now that I’m typing out these, my vintage collection sounds kind of pathetic when I throw out the amounts.


I managed to 3 different Pittsburgh Pirates cards from the 1987 Topps set.  But at least with this set, it gives me a total 276 cards.  You can always count on the wood bordered to make you feel better about your counts.


And last but not least (for the vintage collection) I grabbed 4 1987 Donruss.  Which gives me 5 for that set.  I’m guessing the other one also probably came in from Jeff.

I expected to fill in some gaps in my Vintage collection, but what I didn’t expect was to pull some for my other collections.  Like these.


I also actually pulled 2 cards for my White Sox collection.  With this 1984 Topps Vance Law and a 1991 Upper Deck Melido Perez.  I really figured I’d get shut out on White Sox cards just because the odds weren’t in my favor.  Although the nice thing about being a Sox fan is the majority of their cards or cheap, so maybe there is a better chance of hitting these.

But wait, there’s more.


That’s right, I actually pulled 2 cards for my Barry Larkin collection.  A 1994 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice and a 2003 Upper Deck.  This was one of my smallest collections to date with only 5 cards now so I was definitely happy to pull a couple of Larkin’s.

Wasn’t as great as I had hoped money wise, I had bought 2 of those packages so all that for $8 sucked but technically, it equals out to just under $.23 a card so it does fall in my cheap ebay purchase parameters so I guess I can justify more purchases.  Problem is, I rarely go to Target when I have a Walmart in walking distance, as in, next door.


  1. Now I feel like I pressured you. I'll go stand in a corner.

  2. That Bonds is a hell of a card to get as your first '82 Fleer. Nice work and I've got to get that one.