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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Vintage collection 1967-1968

I won 4 cards at a penny each from this seller but he had $.50 shipping, which was why I only bid a penny.   After I won them, I noticed he had a max shipping cost of $2 which I was already at, for auctions won for up to a week.  I went and bid on some more with a little higher bids since there was no shipping attached.  Let’s see what I ended up with.

Ray WashburnJohnny Lewis

Dick SelmaDick Schofield

Those are the 4 that I won for $.01 each with $.50 shipping on each card.  All are 1967 Topps.

Ron WillisCap Peterson

$.25                                          $.29

Larry Brown [Poor to Fair]

$.29                                                 $.25

Gary Sutherland


So I grabbed 9 cards from the 1960’s for a total of $3.37 which equals out to $.37/each.  Not too shabby

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