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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Random vintage collection

I’ve randomed all my cards in my vintage collection by decade.  Here’s what popped up.

For a description of what my Vintage collection is, click here for the post.



1955 Topps – Gair Allie

Another 1955, I know you’re shocked.  I’m down to only 2 more from the 50’s decade to show on these posts.  I believe this is the last of the 1955’s though, all 3 have been shown.



1969 Topps – Gary Waslewski

I have 6 cards from 1969.  You got to love the airbrushed hat and the shortened team name.



1973 Topps – Mike Cuellar

I have 421 cards from the 1973 set.  I’ve been working on this set longer than I have the vintage collection which is why I have so many more cards in this set. Although I haven’t made much headway as of late.



1981 ToppsAl Oliver

I have 529 cards from the 1981 set. I’ve been working on this set longer as well. I still love the hats with the info on the front.

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