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Monday, January 8, 2018

2 cards and a coin

I got lazy again, I had gotten 3 envelopes with 3 cards, sorta, but I got them on Friday and I just never got around to posting them because I had a somewhat busy weekend. I ended up with today off work so you're getting this post earlier than the norm and if I get more cards later this afternoon, you might get those tomorrow.

I thought I already had this as I had an 1990 Upper Deck listed but apparently he has 2, the other being him in a Giants uniform towards the end of the set. I picked this up for $.17/shipped. It is my 113th card of the Kid.

I also managed to pick up this coin from Topps of Mike Schmidt. I really wasn't expecting this just because coins are more rare and they end up going for over a quarter. I got this one just under a quarter at $.23/shipped. It is my 122nd card (sorta) of Schmidt.

I was happy to grab this as I don't get to pick up to many Konerko's anymore, especially a newer one since he retired. This is from 2017 Archives and I got it for $.23/shipped and it is my 441st different Konerko.

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