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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

9 cards, 2 relics and an auto

I had a busy day today with 9 cards coming in. It all came in 2 envelopes though since 6 came from one seller and 3 from another.

The first seller had a bunch of 2017 Topps and Update and I grabbed what Sox I could get as well as a couple of player collections.

The first 3 are all from the flagship and the Goldberg is from Update.  I picked up the Nate Jones for $.16/shipped, the Austin Jackson for a penny/shipped, the Adam Eaton for $.23/shipped and the Brad Goldberg for $.25/shipped.

I also managed to grab this Zimmerman, also from the update set. I picked this up for $.25/shipped and it is my 87th different Ryan Zimmerman card.

I also managed another Chris Sale. This is only my 2nd one in a non-White Sox uniform. I grabbed this one at $.23/shipped. It is my 130th different card of Sale.

I also managed a few more expensive cards from another seller.

I remember when the Sox were pretty high on this guy, or at least I recognize the name so I assume they were. I grabbed this autograph for $1.25/shipped.

You're not seeing double, I actually won both of these. I bid on both thinking I might win one but I managed to get them both. I paid $1.90/shipped and $2.13/shipped for them. I keep dupes of relics or I may ship one off to 2x3 Heroes if I ever get another package for him together.

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