This blog is about sports cards. I tend to only purchase cheap items so don't come hear expecting to see big money cards. My teams collections are Chicago White Sox and Michigan Wolverines. I also have a bunch of player collections.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

New Collection

I got a card on Monday, like I figured I would, but I didn't get around to posting it until today. I haven't received anything else so I will be caught up after this post.

I won this card for $.25/shipped but after a month of not receiving it, I filed a claim. After no response, ebay reimbursed me. A couple of weeks later, the card showed up in the mail with a note apologizing and saying she had a medical issue. I still went and put positive feedback. While I would have waited if she would have just emailed me and told me I'd get it late, I don't know what she was going through, if anything. I got the card, free at that, so I'm not going to complain.

Who is he and what collection does that go into? He pitched for Michigan and was drafted in the last few years. I have started player collections for all players going pro that played for Michigan. This is the first of this player collection and if he ends up not having but a few cards, I'll end up not keeping the collection. This is the beginning though and a refractor to start with.


  1. Well I feel dumb not realizing another Michigan guy had cards! Looks like I'll be starting another new PC too.

  2. 25¢ eBay reimbursement? Nice. That's gotta be close to a record. Very cool of the eBay seller to still ship out the card.