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Friday, December 8, 2023

South Bend Pick Ups

Just a quick post as I've been under the weather for a few days. Head cold kind of symptons but I think I'm on the other side of it. I worked through it and if you know me I don't get much sleep so last night I crashed around 11 pm. I woke up at 7 this morning and chilled in my recliner for an hour before falling asleep again and sleeping until almost noon. I'm sure that helped me heal a little faster since I generally get less than 5 hours sleep on work nights.

I have 2 posts to get to in the next few days, todays and I received a Christmas package. I got it logged in and all today (once I finally got up) so I just have to do the post. I have a show tomorrow so you'll probably get that one on Sunday.

Today's post are just a couple of cards I picked up at the last show we did in South Bend. I got bored towards the end of the show and walked around. I hit a couple of dollar boxes and started pulling a bunch out but then I decided I didn't want to spend that much so I put back everything but a couple cards that I decided were the better cards for me.

I grabbed this Caris LeVert from the guy set up next to us. He's been by us a couple of times in South Bend. He graduated from Purdue so we've talked about that since my son turned down Purdue to go to Purdue/Ft. Wayne. He had a couple of cards I looked at but this was the only I decided that I had to have because as much as I hate having to buy all these color parallels, I really like the looks of them. I paid a buck for it.

I always have to pick up Paul Konerko cards that I don't have so this was a nice find. I wasn't keen on paying $2 but I don't generally ask for a discount when I'm only buying 1 card and this was a fairly new dealer, we've talked before but nothing for very long so I don't know him that well. It was PK that I didn't have so I didn't care about paying $1 more than it's probably worth. When I logged it in, I realized I didn't even the base so there's probably 50 color parallels as well so more to chase I guess. This card is my 760th card of PK.

We're doing a show in Fort Wayne tomorrow so I may get to see my son, he usually tries to stop by since he's living there now.

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