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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Packages and a Show

I know, I've been missing in action for awhile, I guess I shouldn't apologize, since it's been typical for myself and this blog. I've received a couple of packages and also hit a local card show (they actually had one) so I've got lots of cards to show off.

First, I got a package from Dennis of "Too Many Verlanders" and "Too Many Manninghams". Lots and lots of Michigan goodness, including one awesome autograph that you'll get to revel in.

2 by 3 Heroes

A few days after that, Jeff from "2x3 Heroes" sent me a package. It had an assortment of stuff, player collections, vintage and of course, White Sox cards.

There was a local card show, nothing like the picture above, there was only about 10 or so tables but I managed to find a couple of dime boxes as well as a guy who had some Michigan stuff.

I usually random my posts and I will after today, but I'm going to post the Michigan stuff first, because we've had a lot better year than we were supposed to and after a State loss last night, we have an even better chance of making the Big Ten Championship game so I'm on a Wolverine high. You'll have to go over to Dennis' Michigan blog (Too Many Manninghams) to see the post. I'll start posting here again this week.

We have an offer on a house, just waiting for an acceptance (we hope) on the offer so this long and drawn out process might be about over. If so, I may be able to start picking up cards again and I won't have to rely on the great card collecting friends of mine here on the internet to get new cards.

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  1. Well look at you - lots of things going your way. Let's hope this offer gets accepted.