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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

1973 Topps

You’ve seen 12 of my 1973 Topps pick-ups the last couple of days from my COMC Spring Cleaning purchase.  Here’s 6 more for your viewing pleasure.


Have always liked the Cincinnati Reds, not much feelings for the San Diego Padres.  I will say those Padres jerseys are kind of hideous.


That, my friends, is a long name.  Not sure I’ve ever heard of him either which there isn’t too many players I can say that about, at least in the 1970’s till now.


Another long name and another Red.  As per typical in the 1970’s cards, you have a photo shopped hat on Andy Messersmith.  But at least I’ve gotten one great action shot out of these 6 cards.

  • Total price paid – $92.07
  • Average price per card – $0.26
  • Percentage completed – 358/684 (52% completed)

National MS Society- Walk MS- Michiana 2012

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