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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

COMC’s Player Collections

The past couple of posts you’ve seen the rainbow parallel pick-ups from COMC’s Spring Cleaning sale.  Here are the cards I’ve picked up for 2 of my player collections.


I picked up the same parallel’s that I did for John Danks of Paul Konerko.  Target, Emerald, Gold and Walmart.  Although I have the Konerko Walmart, I want to say from 2 by 3 Heroes so that one will go into the White Sox Collection instead of the Paul Konerko Collection.


I also snagged this Chasing History insert of Tom Seaver.  There are a few of my player collections that I need to fill from the newer sets.  I believe there is a Luis Aparicio insert somewhere that I need to pick up as well.

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