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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cheaper Than Stamps #16

This is a series where I show off cards I need for my PC’s that I pick up on Ebay for cheaper than a stamp.  My maximum I spend on these cards is actually $.30 so I get them quite a bit cheaper than a stamp.

I didn’t realize that I hadn’t posted since Sunday, my bad.  I left off with the 1987 cards that I picked up for the vintage collection.


1986 Topps – Willie Wilson #25, Ray Knight #27 and Tony Phillips #29

I picked these up from the same seller.  I paid a little more than I would have liked for 1986 Topps, but it was still cheaper than a stamp.  I paid $.21 (Wilson), $.27 (Knight) and $.21 (Phillips).


1986 Topps – Tom Gorman #414

Now the price of this one was more like it.  Only $.06


1986 Fleer – Bob Kipper/Curt Ford #648, Billy Joe Robidoux/Mark Funderburk #652, Kal Daniels/Paul O’Neill #646, Charlie Kerfeld #303 and Otis Nixon #591

I picked all these up in a lot.  $.25 bid with $.50 shipping which is the equivalent of $.15/each.  I believe at the time these were the first 1986 Fleer cards.


1985 Topps – John Marzano #399, Cory Snyder #403, Billy Swift #404, John Hoover #397 and Shane Mack #398

I picked this lot up for $.40 with $.50 shipping for a total of $.18/each.  I remember how awesome I thought these USA Olympic cards were back in 1985.

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