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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Cheaper Than Stamps #18

This is a series where I show off cards I need for my PC’s that I pick up on Ebay for cheaper than a stamp.  My maximum I spend on these cards is actually $.30 so I get them quite a bit cheaper than a stamp.

We left off with 1984, so here’s the next few years.


1983 Topps – Julio Gonzalez, Dwight Bernard, Lee Mazzilli, Richard Dotson, Sal Butero and Tony Armas

Like the last post, I combined singles and lots so you’ll have to trust me that I spent less than a quarter on each card.  Nothing too exciting up above, I remember collecting this set.  Really, all the Topps set bring back memories, they were the easiest to find at the local drug store.


1983 Fleer – Greg Brock, David Green and Dave Rucker.

I’m pretty sure each of these were singles.  Again nothing exciting but I absolutely love these 80’s sets.  So many memories.


1983 Fleer – Superstar Specials Willie Stargell & Pete Rose, Ben Oglivie & Reggie Jackson, Robin Yount & Buddy Bell, Dave Winfield & Kent Hrbek

I won this in a lot of 5, the other card had some Boston Red Sox on it which also included Carl Yastrzemski so it went to that player collection.  Some great players up there that I got pretty cheap.  You can’t beat that.


1983 Donruss – Mel Hall, Eddie Milner, Candy Maldonado, Gary Gaetti, Dave Hostetler and George Wright

As you can see, I picked up a lot of 1980’s this time around.  Once a week, I do an ebay search for each year from 1952-1987 of Topps and 1981-1987 on Fleer and Donruss.  It takes awhile, which is why I only do it once a week.


1983 Donruss – Greg Brock, Glen Wilson and Storm Davis

Donruss didn’t change their design much it’s first few years, this year going with the bat and glove at the bottom.  But at least they had a license and could use the team names.

***Apparently this was my 700th post, I didn’t realize it until after I posted it.  So I’m adding it here.  Certainly didn’t expect to be around this much.

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  1. Ahhh - when the Brewers were an AL club. Nice view of Yankee Stadium behind Bernard.