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Friday, December 27, 2013

Cheaper Than Stamps #20

This is a series where I show off cards I need for my PC’s that I pick up on Ebay for cheaper than a stamp.  My maximum I spend on these cards is actually $.30 so I get them quite a bit cheaper than a stamp.

We left off with 1982-1981 so we’ll pick up right here.


1980 Topps – Gary Alexander, Dan Ford and Jerry Terrell

This year was actually the year before I started collecting so I didn’t have very many of these or from here on out on the vintage.  I picked up all of these 1980 Topps in 2 card lots.


1980 Topps – Tim Johnson, Phil Mankowski and Champ Summers

A couple of Detroit Tigers.  I remember Champ Summers but not much of the other 2 players.


1980 Topps – Ellis Valentine, Mike Paxton and Bob Davis

I remember the Ellis Valentine from the 1981 Topps set because he had the guard on the front of his batting helmet like a football helmet.  Powder blue on the Toronto Blue Jays though, gotta love that.


1980 Topps – Clint Hurdle, Bert Campaneris and Mickey Lolich

Now there are some names I recognize, Clint Hurdle is a manager for the Pittsburgh Pirates but I remember him more from the Colorado Rockies.  Bert Campaneris I don’t think I need to explain and Mickey Lolich I remember with the Detroit Tigers.


1980 Topps – Ken Forsch and Doug DeCinces

I recognize both these names from the 1980’s as well.  I want to say Forsch and DeCinces from the California Angels is what I remember though.

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