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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Cal Ripken jr collection

Just so you know, the order I post these are by when they purchased and received.  At least until I get caught up to date, then I may post them as I receive them.  Today, I’m going to throw a few cards from the Cal Ripken jr collection since I have a few.

This one is a pretty cool card and I was surprised to win it to be honest, especially since it features Tony Gwynn as well.  I picked it up for my max bid of $.54.  Mad props to the seller because he used the blue painters tape.  First time I’ve ever gotten that with a free shipping seller.  One of the sellers that I tend to purchase from, tapes the card to the inside of the envelope (top loader).  Annoys the crap out of me every time I go to open one.  I usually end up completely tearing the envelope up just to get to the card.

Cal Ripken Jr., Tony Gwynn

2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes

The next Ripken card I grabbed for $.38.  It’s a cool looking card with 2 photos and it’s the Baltimore Orioles colors.

Cal Ripken Jr.

1995 Fleer Ultra (all-star)

The last one of this post I picked up for the cheapest, I only paid $.20 for it.  Technically it came from the same seller as the above card but they were won at different times and shipped separately.  Sucks for the seller that that happened, doesn’t cost me anything though.  I do like this set though as it’s got some pretty good photography.

Cal Ripken Jr.

1993 Upper Deck


  1. I think I know that exact seller that tapes the card to the envelope. Good seller, but needs a talking to.

    1. Drives me nuts, if I weren't getting the cards so cheap, I'd quit buying from him. I normally tear the end off and then slide the card out, not with him, by the time I'm done, the envelope is shredded.