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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Paul Konerko collection

I got a couple of packages in the mail that I’m going to have to get around to scanning.  Luckily, we have a 3 day weekend so I may actually get around to it.  Maybe.  One is from Judson over at “My Cardboard Habit”.  It’s 12 cards but they look better grouped together than in single pics so I’ll have to scan.  I also got another package from my cousin “Sluggo”.  He does card shows and such and he has people bring him cards and will buy out whole collections.  He goes through them, sets aside any Chicago White Sox cards he doesn’t need and then sends them to me.  He also sends me a couple of player collection cards when he runs across them.  The last package had a small stack of PC cards so those I will scan since I’ll have the scanner out.

But to today’s post, I grabbed this Paul Konerko for only $.21.  I thought I might win it because PK isn’t exactly a popular player but it’s also one of his minor league cards so I was extremely happy to win it.

Paul Konerko

1996 Best Top 100

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