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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tom Seaver Collection

I’m always very happy to get some cards of Tom Seaver for under half a buck.  Most of his cards start higher than that.

This one is reprint, which is why I was able to get it for $.25.  I didn’t have it though, but I do now.

Tom Seaver

2010 Topps Cards Your Mom Threw Out

The following card was even cheaper since it was free.  I figured since it’s a Tom Seaver, I’d throw it on here as well.  Dennis from Too Many Verlanders and the awesome Too Many Manninghams sent me a PWE with this card and a couple of Indianapolis Colts cards.

Tom Seaver

1975 Topps Mini

He said he picked it up cheap at a card show.  It’s vintage, it’s mini and it’s Tom Seaver.  It’s pretty awesome.  Thanks Dennis.

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