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Thursday, August 21, 2014

New collections

That’s right, I have some new player collections.  Dennis will like these collections.  I decided that since I watched them all the way through their collegiate career and I try to follow their pro career as well, that I should go ahead and pick up their cards when I come across them cheap enough.  Of course, this is the only card that I’ve picked up of any of them so far.  I’ll also now have to grab 2 of them if they are in their Michigan Wolverines jerseys for the Michigan collection.  The new collections are.

  1. Tim Hardaway jr collection
  2. Trey Burke collection
  3. Glen Robinson III collection
  4. Mitch McGary collection
  5. Nik Stauskas collection
  6. Denard Robinson collection
  7. Taylor Lewan collection

I followed all of their collegiate careers as I try to watch every Michigan football and basketball game and they all should have pro cards so why not?  I get them cheap anyways, they won’t cost me much at all.

I did get my first card of those collections for $.53.

Tim Hardaway Jr.

2013-2014 Panini Prism HRX Rookies

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