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Monday, September 8, 2014

AJ Pierzynski collection

Judson from over at “My Cardboard Habit” told me he had an AJ Pierzynski rainbow that he no longer wanted since AJ was no longer with the Texas Rangers and he told me he would trade me them.  I explained that I don’t really trade anymore but if he gave me enough time, I could have my cousin (Sluggo) pick up something in exchange because he has good card shops and shows around him and Judson agreed.  He even went ahead and sent the rainbow to me.  My first rainbow at that, these are pretty awesome, check them out.

Base                                     Refractor

Purple Refractor                  Orange Refractor

                XFractor                 Blue Sapphire Refractor /199

Black Refractor /100                   Sepia Refractor /75  

Gold Refractor /50                     Red Refractor /25

Camo Refractor /15                     Atomic Refractor /10

That’s a lot of AJ love up there, a lot of shininess too.  These cards are cool and I can’t wait to slide them in their pages so they are all together.

To Judson, my cousin has been looking and has sent me a couple of options so I am searching for cards to return the favor, I won’t forget about you.

To everybody else, check out “My Cardboard Habit” for another great card blog and a great trader.