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Sunday, September 28, 2014

This Week on MSO-Tumblr

Hello all, welcome to another Sunday edition of This Week on My Sports Obsession – Tumblr.  (Does anyone else do that with the This Week in Baseball theme music running through the back of their heads?)  There are a lot of vintage NFL gifs in this post so if it gets to be too much on your computer, go to the tumblr page linked above to view them.

Image result for nfl logo

Devin Hester

Colts vs. Jaguars

Indianapolis Colts vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

vanillacts:<br /><br />Michael Singletary puts the brakes on Eric Dickerson.<br />

Mike Singletary stops Eric Dickerson

Barry Sanders with Rod Woodson

vanillacts:<br /><br />Barry Sanders splits the gap<br />

Barry Sanders

Barry Sanders

vanillacts:<br /><br />Reggie White kneels down for Barry Sanders<br />

Barry Sanders with Reggie White

vanillacts:<br /><br />Can’t stop OJ<br />

OJ Simpson

Marshawn Lynch with Ray Lewis

Jerry Rice as a pinball

Jerry Rice

Jim Brown, OJ Simpson, Eric Campbell, Walter Payton, Eric Dickerson and Barry Sanders 

White Sox vs. Rays

Chicago White Sox vs. Tampa Bay Rays

mlb:<br /><br />A thing of beauty.<br />

Evan Longoria

mightyflynn:<br /><br />1965<br />via Mears<br />

Mickey Mantle

mariners:<br /><br />There’s no sweeter swing.<br />

Robinson Cano

vintagesportspictures:<br /><br />Jackie Robinson (undated)<br />

Jackie Robinson 

chicagocubs:<br /><br />Super Szczur<br />

Matt Szczur

fuckyeahwhitesox:<br /><br />Southpaw &amp; Southpaw<br />

Mark Buehrle

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  1. If Payton can't be all the all time yards leader, I wish it was Sanders. Man, that guy could run. And like Walter, he gained a lot of yards on some really crappy teams.