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Friday, May 15, 2015

New Additions - Michael Jordan Collection

*For those new to the blog, all purchases were made on Ebay (unless otherwise noted) and all were under $.50/shipped.

I'm listing Ebay stuff but also I got an awesome package from Dennis over at "Too Many Verlanders" and my favorite "Too Many Manninghams", although you'll see a lot of that great stuff on the TMM blog whenever I get that post together. I also received 2 huge packages of mainly White Sox cards from Jeff over at "2 x 3 Heroes" as well and both guys also sent a bunch of vintage. I'm also randomizing the posts so let's see what's next.

1997 Fleer Pro Vision

1992 NBA Hoops McDonalds

1992 NBA Hoops McDonalds

1992 NBA Hoops

1992 NBA Hoops

1991 Fleer All-Star

1991 Fleer All-Star

1991 Fleer

1991 Fleer League Leaders

1995-96 Upper Deck Jordan Collection

1995-96 Fleer

1996-97 Skybox Z Force

2009 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions

Lots and lots of MJ from Jeff. He is a Chicago guy so I guess these don't surprise me. I don't generally pick up to many of his cards because there are so many so I tend to only bid on a few of them. So to get this many from him was great.

I only had won 1 bid on a Michael Jordan set. I only bid $.54 since I didn't expect to win it, but somehow, I did.

I got this tin.

With 5 cards inside.

All metal cards.





5 of them.

All that for a whopping total of $.54/shipped. That's why I always put a bid in, even if I think I don't have a chance.

In case you're interested, the reason I pretty much always post pics of single cards is because of these 2 blogs that I use to store my cards. My Personal Collections and My Baseball Card Obsession.

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  1. Man. What did that tin run the guy to ship it? Talk about losing money.