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Monday, May 18, 2015

New Additions - White Sox Collections/Group Break

*For those new to the blog, all purchases were made on Ebay (unless otherwise noted) and all were under $.50/shipped.

Even with all the cards that Jeff and Dennis sent me, and all the cards I picked up on Ebay, I still got others during the last month. I also received my cards from a group break that "Fantastic Catch" held. I have been randomizing this post along with all the others so it's just coincidence that you get 2 days straight of all White Sox cards. Let's take a look at what we got and the next post will be back to the stuff I've been doing.

2008 TriStar ProJections High # Series

Chris Carter is the only name I recognize and I'm pretty sure he never played for us. He was traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks for Carlos Quentin.

2008 TriStar Prospects Plus

I don't recognize Kyle Russell but I definitely know the other 2. Jordan Danks is John Danks little brother who has played for us but just couldn't quite stick. He got in 180 games in the 3 years with us but I don't show him with any playing time yet for the Philadelphia Phillies. Gordon Beckham had a great rookie season with us back in 2009, but couldn't put it all together for the next 5 years before we traded him to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for half the 2014 season. He signed back with us during the offseason and is now a bench player for us.

2011 Donruss Elite Extra Edition

I've heard of all these prospects but I don't think any of them have had significant playing time with the parent club. Although Carlos Sanchez was just called up at the end of last week and is our starting second baseman.

I haven't heard of any of these guys other than on draft day. Hey, lookie there, I got an autograph though. That's always a positive when joining a break.

In case you're interested, the reason I pretty much always post pics of single cards is because of these 2 blogs that I use to store my cards. My Personal Collections and My Baseball Card Obsession.

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