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Friday, September 25, 2015

New Additions - White Sox Collection (1980's)

This round of cards have all been randomized, let's get to today's cards.

Lots of cards on this round and multiple sources where they came from. The White Sox Collection additions from the 1980's is what came up, let's get down to it

I grabbed a couple of Sox from the 1982 Topps set at the barber shop. Nothing exciting but I do love this set, lots of memories of buying these in packs.

My cousin dropped this 1981 Fleer on me which actually brings me down to only needing 4 more for that team set.

Kyle dropped 11 cards from the 1982 set, you'll see the same 2 that I picked up at Doug's but Kyle didn't know I picked those up because I'm really slow at updating my want lists. That's ok though, because I'll just bump those 2 over to the Vintage Collection. All of these bring me to only needing 8 for the team set, I'd hazard a guess that I didn't have very many to begin with for this year.

He sent me 2 more cards for the 1983 Topps set which brings me to 1 card on the want list, the Carlton Fisk all-star card. I have one if the Carlton Fisk collection already so it would go right to this set.

If all those 1982 Topps weren't enough, he also gave me 13 cards from the 1985 Topps set. All of these great cards bring that team set down to 3, one of those being another Carlton Fisk (record breaker).

This is actually a 1986 Topps Traded card and was the final card I needed to finish that team set.

These 2 bring the 1986 Topps mini set down to 1 card, anybody want to guess which card I need? Yup, Carlton Fisk.

Even after all those 80's Sox cards Kyle sent, he still sent me another 5 to go to the 1988 Topps set which brings that set down to only needing 1 more card to complete. I'll give you a guess who it is, anybody? Nope, I have the Fisk this time, it's actually Joel Davis.

Big thanks to Kyle for all of this 80's love, he brought the team sets from 1983-1988 down to 5 cards to complete all of them. Check him out over at Nolan's Dugout

If you've been following along, Dennis has sent me all kinds of cards that are not the normal size, this one included. This comes from the 1985 Donruss Stand Ups set. You tear out at the perforation and it folds out to be a kind of 3D card. I had a bunch of these growing up but I never actually tore them out, I left them just like they are. Yes, that's Carlton Fisk who seems to be giving me issues on completing sets in the 80's but I actually had one of these already in the Fisk Collection.

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