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Saturday, January 23, 2016


2 Posts in a day, what the hell is going on here. I've been meaning to do this post and figured since I was sick and not moving around too much today, I would work on it.

I was inspired by Capewoods Collections when he posts his random cards from his collection, I noticed he has a number next to them.

Notice the card #5628

I saw that and thought, 'he must have every card he has numbered on a spreadsheet," followed by the thought, "I want to do that" so I have been working on that. I figured I might as well start with the cards on My Personal Collections, so I have started off with the very first post and have been working my way through. I've also been adding them to the spreadsheet as I add them to that blog from when I started the spreadsheet until today.

So this has been my process, every time I post cards to this blog, I post a copy to My Personal Collections blog, underneath the pictures on that blog, I add this information.
Then I go to the spreadsheet and log on all this information.

You can click on it to enlarge it enough to read (I think). 

First, I usually have to Google the number on the back of the card because I've already scanned it and put away by the time I post it. It's usually not to hard to find that info. I add the number, and then I link it back to My Personal Collections page for that card so you can click for an image. When I remember, I also like to go back to my have lists and put this link on those as well. Then I fill in the player, card, team, whether it's a hit, which of my collections that card belongs in, how I acquired it and where or from whom I got it. If I got the card in a trade, I link the name of their blog to their blog. I use the trade under the acquired loosely since I don't do much trading anymore, but I have a couple of awesome guys who still send me cards, if I ever get back into it, I'll send them some cards. This column gets tricky when I do cards that I've already posted to My Personal Collections because I have to go back through this blog and figure out who gave it to me (if I can) otherwise it gets listed as unknown.

Capewood has been at that for awhile.

But wait, there's more. After all that is done, I go back to this blog and make another copy of the card and post it to My Baseball Card Obsession. Then I select the next card and start all over.

So basically, posting a post to this blog has become more than just posting here but if I ever finish everything, it will look great and it's a way for me to know if I have oddball/inserts that I don't have listed in my want lists because I have a ton of those that if I run across them at a show, I have no way of telling if I have them or not. Plus, it gives me something to do while I'm sitting in front of the TV most evenings. I have been working on this for awhile, the last thing I posted, earlier today, was #851. Long way from the finish, but it's something.

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