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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Philip Humber’s Perfecto

Just finished watching my 2nd Perfect Game and 3rd no-hitter live (on TV).  All 3 games by the White Sox.  Congrats to Philip Humber.

But after that dominating performance in a hitters park (Safeco in Seattle), you need a shower.

There, isn’t that better.  Thanks Alexei for helping us out.

How come you didn’t see the whole game?

Oh yeah!  Red Sox vs. Yankees is always more important than the rest of Major League Baseball.  Thank God I live in a blue area.  Or should I thank Bud Selig so he doesn’t take it away.

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  1. When will MLB realize that the only part of the country that gives a sh*t about Yanks/BoSox is New England and NY. Hell - PA could give a crap about those two teams.