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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

AL Central

Opening Day is coming around the corner.  The real opening day that is, not the one that took place in Japan.  I’ve seen a lot in print about how bad the White Sox are going to be this year.  I heard today that Sports Illustrated predicted us with 99 losses and a last place finish in the central.

I disagree.  As someone who watches a lot of games and reads a lot of print from Chicago, and reads a lot of insiders blogs on the White Sox, I feel like I know more than SI or ESPN because they are focusing on everybody (except ESPN, they only focus on the Red Sox and Yankees) where as I only focus on my team.  That makes me smarter in my book, and my blog, so those “experts” can bite me.

I agree it’s certainly the Tigers division to lose.  But last time it was the Tigers division to lose, they bombed.  Sort of like in ‘06 when we were supposed to mow down the central, and we sucked.  And let’s face it, after the Tigers, nobody is all that great.  I hear how much better Cleveland and Kansas City are and I’m sure they are better, but I don’t see them any better than the Sox.  I never count out the Twins because they always seem to be in the thick of it.  I’m sure they might have been there last year if it wasn’t for injuries to the M&M boys.

Do I think the Sox are going to be lights out and play awesome?  No.  But I don’t see where anybody is heads above us either.  And while I do think the Tigers will take the division, I don’t see it by double digit wins like everybody else.

If you compare our lineup with anybody else’s, I don’t see major differences.  I think the Tigers have the best team, on paper.  And I think that the Sox, Royals, Twins and Indians are pretty comparable.  I see the White Sox and Twins fighting it out for 2nd and the Indians and Royals trying to stay out of last.  The Indians and Royals haven’t shown me anything but young talent, but haven’t been able to put it together yet.

I’m expecting a huge year from Dunn.  He’s been to good for too long and I think last year was a fluke.  My only questions offensively are Rios (always seems like he doesn’t care), Viciedo and Morel because they are young.  I also think that Beckham will be back to his old self, I hope anyways.  Konerko and AJ will be who they always are, and that’s a good thing. 

My questions in the pitching staff are all in the bullpen.  I think we have some great starters in Danks, Peavy, Floyd, Humber and Sale.  If Humber and Sale can duplicate their success from last year, the starters will be fine.  The bullpen consists of some rookies which is where the question marks lie.  But the anchors are Crain and Thornton, who either one could be closing come opening day.  Addison Reed has looked really well and has been mentioned as a closer as well.

Obviously, my opinions, and I’m White Sox biased.  But I’m not expecting the Tigers to run away with it.  And I am certainly expecting more than 63 wins from my Sox.  Has SI ever gotten much right when it comes to predicting anyways.

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