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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Box Break cards

I’ve been jumping in on some Box Breaks, quite a few of them over at “JABO’s”.  I like Kyle’s box breaks because he costs adjusts in accordance to the team and since the White Sox get no love, I can get them cheap.  First up is 2012 Gypsy Queen’s


I like Gypsy Queen but I think I just like the sets that mix today’s stars with vintage stars.  I’m not overly huge on how cards themselves look.  Sure I have favorites and ones I don’t like, but the look doesn’t stop me from buying it.  John Danks, Frank Thomas, Luis Aparicio and Paul Konerko.  All going to the White Sox collection.  What?  But your supposed to fill your player collections first and you have a Luis Aparicio and a Paul Konerko?


That’s right, the only 2 dupes I got and I needed them both.  Thanks Kyle!

I think the rest of these were all in the same break but I’m not positive.  Kyle tends to throw bonus cards in as well so some of those may be mixed in there.


2003 Bazooka’s – I didn’t have anything from this set so everything Kyle sent me, I needed.


2003 Fleer Flair – I’m surprised I didn’t have the Frank Thomas, I have a crap load of his cards.  Joe Borchard was one of the “Next Big Things” that never panned out.

2008 Upper Deck SP Authentic – I did have some of these but I didn’t have the card above.


2005 Topps Chrome – Again, I didn’t have anything from this set so everything went to my collection.

I see Kyle did box breaks of these but I don’t think I was in on them so I’m going to guess that these were extra’s he sent me.  He’s cool like that.


2001 Topps Stadium Club – There is some great photography in this set judging by these 6 Sox cards.


1995 Dimesion III – These are just cool.  Love the Frank Thomas card.

Be sure to check out JABO’s for all your box break needs, and he’s a great trader as well.  Check him out, he’s always got something going on.  That man is non-stop baseball cards.

I have a Topps Archive break from Kyle to, but I haven’t scanned it yet.

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