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Monday, June 4, 2012

Free Box Break Goodies

Community Gum” held a free box break awhile back.  With me always being behind on my blog reading I’m amazed that I was able to get in on it.  Obviously I took the White Sox.  Here’s my loot from their 2003 Leaf box.


All 3 All-Stars, all had huge years with the White Sox.  And all are new to my White Sox collection.


2 different Frank Thomas Passing Through Time.  One is a Press Proof.  I thought I had scanned the back of them but I couldn’t find the scan.  Or I forgot to scan the back, either way, you don’t get to see them.  On the back of both of these is what I’m guessing is a preview for the 2004 Studio set.  I had never seen these Leaf cards with a preview on the back.  Both of these are obviously new to the White Sox collection.


And what makes good on a White Sox box break, additional cards for the player collections.  I always hope to get 2 Konerko’s but I only got one in this break.  So I still need one of these for the White Sox collection since I fill player collections first.

Big thanks to “Community Gum” for the FREE box break.  I was always late getting in their other ones.  So make sure you bookmark them and check them daily.

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