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Friday, June 22, 2012

Trade with Greg

Greg contacted me about a card he had that he thought I would want so we worked out a trade.  Here’s is what he sent me.


Assorted White Sox cards, all these are new to my collection.  Greg did a great job of hitting what I needed.  I like the looks of the Turkey Red cards at the top, I only had one of them before I got the other 3 from him.


As you can see, a great assortmant of Sox cards.  I think the 2 on the left (the Thomas and the Valentin) were seriel #’d.  I already put them away so I’m not positive. 

And the card that started it all.


A 1971 Topps Billy Williams.  Awesome!  It’s hard for me to get Billy Williams vintage cards because I’m cheap so it’s awesome to get these in a trade.  This was the 2nd vintage card of Billy Williams I got in a trade the week these came in.  The other is here.

A great trade, I just hope Greg was satisfied with what I sent him because I didn’t have too much to send his way.  Be sure to check him out over at “The Collective Mind”.  Thanks for the great cards.

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