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Monday, June 11, 2012

Trade with Jeremy

Jeremy of “No One’s Going to Read This Blog” contacted me about a trade.  We traded some 73’s back and forth as we are both collecting the set.  Plus I hit his want lists (mostly White Sox cards).  And he sent me these.


All these are new to the White Sox collection.  I was in a Gypsy Queen break and didn’t get the Moonshots Frank Thomas card so that was great to receive.  If these were not great enough he hit a player collection as well.


I thought I already had this, but it was a different version.  Possibly a chrome version.  Always grateful for Manning cards because I never pick them up for myself.  I like him and the collection, I just don’t do much in football.

He also sent me this one, but the write up for that is over here,  But here’s a pic of the card anyways.


I might be the only Colt fan who is also a Tom Brady fan but oh well, I can’t root against my Wolverines.

Thanks again Jeremy.  You’ll see the 1973 cards he sent as well if I ever get around to continuing my 1973 and 1981 Topps posts.


  1. I like how you saved the best QB of the package for last, that was a nice touch!

  2. Very nice Brady ive been in love with that set and I love Michigan

    1. Thanks, I thought it was a pretty cool card myself. I always like seeing Brady in his Michigan uniform.

      And if you love Michigan, you should check out Dennis' blog http://toomanymarios.blogspot.com/