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Friday, August 31, 2012

Trade with Blue Batting Helmet

Rob over at “Blue Batting Helmet” is a generous guy.  Just out of the blue I get some packages from him.  Just goes to show you that a White Sox fan and a Cubs fan can get along.  He sent along some Cubs cards for my son as well but I’m not showing them here.  Just the good cards.


I got some 1980’s cards.  Love the 1982 Topps in the middle, that was close to the beginning of my collecting years.


Some 1990’s cards.  I hadn’t seen the Magglio Ordonez card before, I liked him while he was here but didn’t like how he left.  But it’s still a cool card.


He even sent me a 2012 I apparently didn’t have of Jake Peavy.


Rob also hit my Paul Konerko Collection with this card from 2005 Donruss Team Heroes.  I have some of these but I don’t think I had any of these blue ones.  I definitely didn’t have a Paul Konerko one.

Thanks again Rob, be sure to check out “Blue Batting Helmet” for cards and more.

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