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Friday, September 7, 2012

Ebay Pick-up #4


Vintage!!!!  I really like the first card.  And I needed the other 2 for team sets.  I paid a little more for these than I would have liked but with the discounted shipping, the whole lot was cheap.


I paid $8.74/shipped for all of these.  I won the Adam Dunn relic and the seller offered multiple cards for same shipping.  So essentially I paid $1.14 for each card.  When I win a card, I always check to see if the seller offers multiple cards with little or no more shipping.  Especially if they have a store.  I never would have bought any of these with a $2.50 shipping charge.  But all of these for $2.50, I’ll take that all day.  Here’s how it breaks down per card.

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